Activate Perth’s 30-day, rent-free, rolling lease model connects people who have innovative or fresh business ideas with property owners.

Through the program, perennially empty buildings are activated and entrepreneurs are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trial their business concept with minimal risk. 

It’s a proven program. Renew Adelaide and Renew Newcastle have been running a similar leasing scheme for years and the social and economic results have been consistently positive.

Perth’s vacancy rate is the highest of all the State’s in Australia and our city-wide program has the potential to change the retail landscape and set a new narrative for the entire city.

Unlike other cities, Perth property owners embraced the idea immediately and have already registered office and retail spaces across the City of Perth to house candidates. 

The advantage for property owners in having a temporary initiative in a vacant space is that it helps with maintenance, reduces potential vandalism and seeing the space in a different light increases the potential of the property.

If you have an idea that needs a space, please fill in this online form alternatively you can download the form and email to