Just in case you were wondering:

1.    How does the monthly rolling lease work?

A rolling lease means it renews automatically each month unless the agreement is terminated by either the property owner or the program participant. There is a two week notice period.

2.    What is the average tenancy duration?

We expect the average tenancy will be about six months; by this stage enterprises have a good sense of whether or not their business is commercially viable.

3.    What proportion of these leases become commercially viable?

The Renew Adelaide experience is that up to 30% of program tenancies turn into commercial leases. However, artists and other creatives are encouraged to apply and bring significant activation benefits to the location without necessarily taking on a commercial lease at the end of their tenancy..

4.    Can I hold my event in a Fill this Space venue?

The program is not suited to one-off events as there is reduced benefit to the City and property owner relative to a longer-term tenancy.

5.    Does Fill this Space compete with Perth’s co-working spaces?

No, enterprises and creatives are at an earlier stage of the development cycle than paid co-working spaces. The evidence elsewhere is that similar programs actually provide a feeder system to co-working tenancies.

6.    What are the costs to program participants?

  • Electricity
  • Public Liability and Plate Glass Insurance
  • Fit out & display – we encourage participants to think creatively about your fit out as you are potentially in the property short term
  • Basic property maintenance & make good (returning the property to it’s original condition)
  • Marketing

7.    How much notice does the landlord need to provide to the program participant?
The notice period in our rolling lease is two weeks by either the participant or property owner.

8.    Can my existing business move to one of the Fill this Space tenancies?

Business owners currently holding a lease in the City of Perth are ineligible for the program.

9.    When are you coming to our area?

Fill this Space is a program developed specifically for the City of Perth.

10.    How many matches will you make in 2018/19?

Our target is to provide spaces and places for at least 22 start-ups and creatives in our first year of operation.

Anne-Maree Ferguson