Fill this Space Launched


Perth, 21 May 2018; today, a little piece of history is created with the opening of the Young Aboriginal Artist's Collective and Chirriger Dreaming as the inaugural tenancy of Activate Perth's Fill this Space program.

The pilot tenancy is underway at Watertown Brand Outlet Centre, with Peter Farmer Jnr and his studio space Chirriger Dreaming’s official launch for retail trade on Monday 21st May.

At age 21 Peter, who is already a community leader, has been using the studio to produce his own work for sale since mid-April which includes works on canvas, digeridoos and boomerangs. The Studio is also stocking the works of several up-and-coming young aboriginal artists who Peter has been mentoring.

“This has been a huge learning curve for me and I am really excited to try my hand at direct retail,” said Peter. “But what makes it even better is being able to mentor young artists and let them experience what it’s like to run a studio gallery with me as well.

“I’m grateful to Activate Perth and Lendlease for their support and encouragement and showcasing authentic local Aboriginal art.”

Fill this Space is a program to provide Perth’s creatives, start-ups and not-for-profits access to short term rent-free spaces that would otherwise be empty. Tenants cover outgoings such as fit-out, insurance and utilities.

According to Activate Perth’s Executive Director Anne-Maree Ferguson, the Fill this Space program is a model that has proven to revitalise urban areas both socially and economically.

“Perth’s vacancy rate is the highest in the country and the Fill this Space program is about turning Perth’s Spaces into People,” she said. “The evidence in cities like Adelaide and Newcastle – leasing schemes like Fill this Space will bring tenants to spaces and customers and ultimately people to Perth’s underutilised areas.

“There is also a broadly held view in Perth that tourists and visitors coming to the city are seeking an authentic experience of Indigenous culture, yet are not able to easily do so which is why Peter Jnrs pilot tenancy is the perfect place for us to trial the program.

“Fill this Space will be fully operational by 1 July 2018 and we’d love to hear from property owners who have a vacant space in the City of Perth or a people with business ideas that they would like to trial,” she said.

“The advantage for property owners in having temporary initiative in a vacant space is that it helps with maintenance, reduces potential vandalism and seeing the space in a different light increases the potential of the property.”

Activate Perth’s inaugural tenancy is made possible by Watertown Brand Outlet Centre and Lendlease. Watertown Brand Outlet Centre is Western Australia’s original venue for outlet and specialty shopping. Chirriger Dreaming will trade in its current location until 15 July.

Please drop in and say hello to Peter and his proteges from Wednesday to Sunday at Watertown until 20th July, 2018.


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Anne-Maree Ferguson