The Activated ArtWalk has launched!

To celebrate the recent opening of the Matagarup Bridge, the gang at Activate Perth, with assistance from the Department of Transport, City of Perth and The WACA, have developed a really cool activated art trail experience for people walking to and from the city to Optus Stadium. 

The EyeJack App was co-created by digital media and mixed-reality artist, Sutu, in Roebourne, Western Australia.

Using the EyeJack app, our Activated ArtWalk allows you to experience the convergence of art, animation and augmented reality (AR) by simply using your mobile and walking from the Forest Place iCentre, down Hay Street to the Matagarup Bridge in East Perth (click here for the ArtWalk route map). 

Take the Activated ArtWalk and along the way you’ll discover incredible activated artworks from local, national and international artists and animators including work from WA’s Peter Farmer, James Giddy, Alexander Hare and Roebourne based AR/VR artist, SUTU.

How to participate in the FREE Activated ArtWalk:

  1. Download the EyeJack app from the App Store or Google Play (it’s FREE!)

  2. Once installed on your smartphone or tablet device, open the EyeJack app and find the Activated ArtWalk (Perth) event to download the event pack (approx. 120Mb)

  3. Need to know where to go? Download the ArtWalk route map below and start walking!

  4. Look out for the pavement stickers (see picture below) along the route to indicate where the activated artworks are located

  5. When you come across an activated artwork hit the ‘Launch AR’ button in the EyeJack event to view the artwork in all its activated, animated, augmented reality glory (and make sure your phone is not on silent!)


The EyeJack App

  • EyeJack app is made for Android Phones / Tablets (Version 5+) and iPhones / iPads (version iOS 9.0 or later)

  • The approximate download size of the Activated ArtWalk event (within the EyeJack app) is 120Mb. Activate Perth encourages users to download the EyeJack app and the Activated ArtWalk event using their Wi-Fi at home prior to embarking on the ArtWalk experience.

  • The EyeJack App requires access to device camera is required to activate artworks

  • Some artwork / animations may be affected by direct sunlight/light/shadows/time-of-day and in these instances, the augmented reality features may not work

  • Some older phones/devices may experience slight battery drain when using the EyeJack app.


Terms & Conditions

  • Please be aware of your surroundings. By participating in the Activated ArtWalk you agree to accept responsibility for your personal safety.

  • Artworks are best viewed from the designated pavement stickers. For your safety, please do not use the app while walking.